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  • infuriating conversations with my mother:

    Me: Here’s my gift for the grab bag.

    Mom: Okay, put it under the tree.

    Me: *leaves to go into living room*

    Mom: WAIT, is it for a guy or a girl?

    Me: … I don’t see how that matters.

    Mom: Oh, so it’s for anyone.

    Me: All the gifts are for anyone.

    Mom: But girls are supposed to buy for girls and guys are supposed to buy for guys.

    Me: That’s all arbitrary.

    Mom: No, it’s not, my gift is really girly.

    Me: That doesn’t mean none of the men will want it.

    Mom: *laughing* No, I definitely think it’s a girl’s gift.

    Me: I don’t think you can assume that.

    Mom: Well, just put yours under the tree and we’ll sort them out when we do it.